Hi people, I am Vincenzo Greco, from Italy to USA.
Vincenzo Greco

Hi people, I am Vincenzo Greco, from Italy to USA.

Hi, I have the pleasure to explain why I created this website, this blog and the reason why from Italy, from Europe, I am flying to the United States seeking consensus.
I have a romantic vision of my life, I feel like a pioneer of other times, I am full of experience and courage.
I have desire to give prestige to myself and the United States of America
I want to donate to my knowledge, all my experience, my creativity.

In this period I am particularly inspired, I really want:

  1. to do
  2. to discover
  3. to create

Culture for artwork is a universal beauty,
I am looking for a world where I can express and beauty, Italian style I have inside.

My first official trip to the United States is set for September 2019 and the month of my birth, I like to imagine that September of 2019 can be for me an rebirth, not only economic but cultural, dedicated to my family.
My first American stops are New York and Miami.
Two important American cities different from each other. I have always enjoyed measuring myself against differences, I feel like a warrior of other times, courageously and with love for art, I face every problem with a smile and a good mood, to see beyond and move on!

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