We make custom mosaics

As soon as you want to buy a mosaic and you call, we immediately find the ideal solution:

  • what kind of mosaic do you want?
  • why make a type of design instead of others?
  • which style of marble and gold and tiles to use?

So first you take all the material, so we can do a detailed analysis:

  • interior designs photos
  • measures
  • existing works
  • drawings
  • architectural reliefs

Mosaics give wonderful emotions

All together in harmony to find the style, the best solution to create a high quality masterpiece.

After the designs, we proceed to the creation of the mosaics.

We always send the “work in progress” via email or WhatsApp.

In this way the work proceeds well in a transparent way, and you can see the quality of the products used.

You can see the vibrations of light too, and a mosaic becomes a brilliant masterpiece, a beautiful sensation that generates unique emotions.

Artist at your disposal

Call directly the artist and he makes himself available to you


  • because you can transfer idee and what you want
  • see the “work in progress” and eventually vary or accentuate effects
  • reduce the costs because you have a direct relationship from the producer to the consumer

Marble or glass mosaics for furnishing

Discover the simplicity of a mosaic ready to be posed, no need bricklayers or other expensive works.

Our solution allows you to realize complete and finished furnishing mosaics in order to adapt to any flat or curved surface:

  1. Elegant floors
  2. Landings
  3. Walls
  4. Luxury bathrooms
  5. Gold coatings at high temperatures for pizza ovens
  6. Prospects
  7. Gardens
  8. Swimming pools
  9. Terraces
  10. Public squares
  11. Hall hotels
  12. Furnishings for ships or yachts

Mosaics laid on panels for installation

We produce ready mosaics with a perfect polishing for each individual tile. The mosaic good packed, it’s shipped and insured until to your door.

Inside the package, you can find the explanation and everything needed for easy installation.

I’m always available on the phone or wattsapp, like a friend, to guide you throughout the installation process.

The mosaic tiles are attached to a panel with a total thickness of 6 mm.

Data sheet of our mosaics

All tiles are manufacturing “Made in Italy” Venetian enamels of high quality and they are stuck together with a German elastic glue, certified UNI EN ISO 11600.

Our mosaics have:

  • excellent resistance to aging and moisture, to atmospheric agents (UV) and to chemical agents
  • suitable for immersion in fresh and salt water
  • high resistance to temperatures from – 100° F to + 300° F

On request gold mosaics for high temperature + 500°F coatings for pizza ovens

All my mosaics are certified and guaranteed for life, because, I use exceptional materials.

Call with confidence and ask for a free quote.