Artworks for USA

I paint my artwork using acrylic colors on wood and sand, oil on canvas, pencil on paper, sketches, watercolors, and drawings.

I create a personal style, a blend of figurative, abstract, and pop art that is easily adaptable for the bedroom, living room, classic, modern, or contemporary interior design.

I sell my art all over the USA: New York, Miami, exhibitions in Los Angeles, and in other cities.

Why to buy art makes smarter and it's a good investiment?

Buying art can help make people smarter because art offers a range of benefits for cognitive and emotional development. Studies have shown that exposure and interaction with art can enhance problem-solving skills, creativity, memory, attention, and critical thinking abilities.

Furthermore, art can be considered a good investment for several reasons. First and foremost, the value of artworks can increase over time, especially if they are by renowned or emerging artists with a growing reputation. Additionally, collecting art can be a diversified investment option compared to other forms of investment, such as stocks or real estate.

20.000 $

Exclusive production for the United States

Now you can purchase this artworks:

Exclusive production for the United States

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