Artworks for USA

I paint my Artworks with acrylic colors on wood and sand, oil on canvas, pencil on paper, sketches, watercolor, drawings.

I produce my personal style, a mix beetwen Figurative, abstract and pop art, it’s so easy to adapte for the bedroom, the living room, classic, modern or contemporary interior decor.

I sell my Art all over USA by Etsy, Artsy, Artexpo New York , Art Basel Miami, exhibitions in Los Angeles and other cities.

Why to buy art makes you smarter and it's a good investiment?

Because it makes you richer, it’s great!

Discover tips and tricks.
Buy now an artwork and enrich yourself inside.
A painting fill you with feelings of emotions that no object can give you, something intimate, personal that only an artwork can give.

Only love for a person can be compared to the intimate feeling that an artworks can give.

20.000 $

Exclusive production for the United States

You can buy: paintings, sketch pencil drawing, watercolor, portrait oil on canvas, sculptures. Exclusive production for the United States

You know you deserve the best for you, don’t you?

It’s wonderful to see a painting and you feel it inside, already yours!

More you look a painting and more you convince yourself and you imagine it already your home. You have the feeling of beautify yourself and your environment.

You seize the opportunity. Buy it now and discover tips and tricks.

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