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I’m Vincenzo Greco ūüôā Nice to meet you ¬†¬†

¬†I’ve honed my craft since I was a kid, working alongside my father and uncle (painter and sculptor) in their small sculpture studio. My mentors, sensitive and refined, have instilled in me the best of Italian art.¬† ¬†

When I was 10 years old, I completed my first sculpture. Once presented to my sculpture master, he was impressed by my innate creative ability. I continued my studies and attended classical and modern art schools in Venice. In 1989, I met an old artist, a pupil of David Alfaro Siqueiros, an Italo-Argentinian muralist. This friendship and his knowledge revolutionized my creative ability and propelled my artistic vision.

In 2002, I created an original artistic trend that allowed me to participate in the Venice Biennale. I exhibited at the Doge’s Palace (Bridge of Sighs) in the prestigious cell where the famous Casanova was imprisoned. From that moment on, my career has been a steady rise of fame and prestigious international exhibitions all over the world.

Vincenzo Greco

Italian sculptor and mosaic artist in America

With the support of my father, I was able to open my own artistic laboratory and fully immerse myself in my passion. My success has been an incredibly exciting experience for which I am extremely grateful. My clients come from diverse backgrounds and have requested a wide variety of sculpture works. Some examples include artistic monuments, design medallions, gold mosaics, home decor, bath decorations, portraits, and hand-painted pieces for living rooms and bedrooms. To my surprise, I have even had clients requesting designs for their swimming pools! I am thoroughly enjoying the adventure of bringing beauty to the world.

I eventually realize that I need to expand my horizons and see how far my talent and passion could take me. While operating on a small scale has been exhilarating, I believe that the true magic happens in the global arena. Over my 30 years of designing and completing works of art, my dedication and hard work, along with the support of my family, have contributed to my success. Notably, my art pieces have garnered attention from renowned art critics in the industry. I have had the honor of being requested for interviews on national television channels and have even made international connections through networking. These experiences have been some of the most memorable highlights of my artistic journey.

We make your wishes come true

The satisfaction derived from my achievements has truly made my life meaningful. I have devoted my entire existence to prepare for this very moment, and I am extremely excited to extend my abilities and enthusiasm to you. I now present you with an exclusive chance to convert your ideas and aspirations into a magnificent piece of art that you can proudly showcase among your loved ones.

We are all available to provide you with good advices. Please feel free to give us a call.

 My goal is to touch your soul with beauty.

My Commitment to you:

  1. Availability
  2. Creativity
  3. Courtesy
  4. Reliability
  5. Punctuality
  6. Free Quote for the work

Curriculum Vitae

2023 ITALY | Significant appreciation from the art critic and Undersecretary of Cultural Heritage, Vittorio Sgarbi. Appreciation accompanied by the publication of the artwork on the critic’s official Facebook page. The monument dedicated to the writer “Giuseppe Tomasi,” author of the novel “The Leopard.”

2023 ITALY | Caccamo, PA Castello: itinerant painting exhibition titled “Mental Paint”

2023 ITALY | Canicatt√¨, AG itinerant painting exhibition titled “Mental Paint”

2022 ITALY | Palermo itinerant painting exhibition titled “Mental Paint”

2022 ITALY | Palma di Montechiaro Inauguration of Carrara marble monuments dedicated to Giovanni Battista Odierna

2021 ITALY | Cossano Belbo, Asti. Inauguration of a large floor mosaic in the city square. The artwork was strongly supported by the Mayor Mauro Noè and financed by MARTINI Liquors and Sparkling Wines.

2021 ITALY | Palma di Montechiaro Inauguration of three grand marble monuments dedicated to “The Leopard” authors Giulio and Giuseppe Tomasi, Duke and Princes of Lampedusa.

2021 ITALY | Palma di Montechiaro Inauguration of a painting exhibition at Palazzo Ducale.

2021 ITALY | Creation of a large sacred mosaic at the Cathedral of Cattolica Eraclea, AG.

2020 ITALY | Reflection, due to the serious “Coronavirus” pandemic.

2019 MIAMI РFLORIDA | Art Basel Miami Beach Vincenzo Greco December 4-8, 2019.

The most important international exhibition of contemporary art in North America, featuring numerous galleries from 33 countries around the world, over 4,000 exhibitors, and among the most anticipated artists, Vincenzo Greco. Interviews with American TV stations.
Correct in fluent American English.
NEW YORK – USA | Promotional trip to the “BIG APPLE,” appointments at important art galleries and interior design architects.

Nurnberg – Germany | Prestigious recognition by the German magazine ADAC. Vincenzo Greco mosaics Considered Italian excellence and introduced as an itinerary in the guide dedicated to Sicily (ADAC publishing house, in German). Nicoletta De Rossi, Journalistin und Autorin ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Frosimone – Rome | Cemetery of Frosinone, Mosaics for the depicting two angels, two artistic stained-glass windows, the Risen Jesus and Our Lady of Sorrows. Design and construction of a round dome inside the church with the arrangement of the stars in mosaic, following the Aurea Fibonacci sequence.

Calabria – Vibo Valentia | Realization of a mosaic measures 3m. X 2m. for the hallway of the Caffo Distillery, owners of the famous “Amaro Del Capo”

Nigeria- Lagos | Realization of a series of artistic stained glass windows total 50sqm. For a Cathedral. The stained-glass window depicts an enormous “Christ Pantocrator” that welcomes the souls of the faithful, like fruits, placed on a tree typical of the place.

SUBIACO – Rome | Construction of a huge artistic stained glass window depicting the last Byzantine-style dinner for the church next to the Castello dei Borgia, commissioned by Don mario Pieracci

Carini Tower PA | Exhibition and conference on Evita Peron

Porcari – Lucca | “Sacred Shroud journey through history science mystery” exhibition conference.

Bergamo | Huge mosaic made for the European Union at the church of Montello – Opera that deals with the theme of European integration and, depicts all the saints of Europe. Some European parliamentarians were present at the inauguration, the Curia of Bergamo, Mayor Gatti and other institutional offices.

Caserta | Realization of a very bright gold mosaic and murano tesserae for the baptismal font in the Church of Santa Maria di Aversa.

Rome | An all-Italian excellence, a half-hour interview on the national network in Bishops’ TV at “Bel tempo si spera” TV 2000.

Canicattì | Realization of an entire Via Crucis (15 panels 60 x 45 cm in hand-painted ceramics) The inauguration was attended by: Cardinal of Agrigento SE Francesco Montenegro together with other priests and various institutional offices.

Palmi | Huge artistic stained glass window depicting the Madonna del Carmelo in the homonymous church.

Canicattì | Restoration of the Capuchin Convent. Chromatic revisitation of the walls and of the apse with the creation of new artistic stained glass windows and of a huge Crucifix of San Damiano about 5 m.

Canicatt√¨ | 25 wk 2015, artistic study on the work “Monoliths of Legality” monument in honor of the Judges: Rosario Livatino and Antonino Saetta, present at the Explanation: the Deputy Mayor of the city together with a delegation from the “Hadeland Glassverk Oslo” The oldest Norwegian industry. 50 people from Norway to admire my work.

Nigeria | Design and construction of historiated stained glass windows for an Anglican Church in Lagos.

Carini | 7 mayo 2014 Exhibition of personal painting (Evita Peron) with the patronage of the Embassy of Venezuela. Present at the inauguration: Argentine Minister Carlos Cherniak together with Jsaias Rodriguez Diaz Ambassador of Venezuela, Giusy Evita Musso president of the Ass. Evita di Carini and Desideria Raggi national president of the Ass. Evita Peron.

Palermo | Collective exhibition “Villa Niscemi” from 9 to 14 November. The exhibition is dedicated to Maria Carolina D’Asburgo. Sponsored by the Embassy of Austria. The Mayor Olando and the Consul of Austria are present at the inauguration

Davoli Marina | Creation of huge modern mosaic 14 sqm. – At the Madonna di Lourdes Sanctuary

Soverato | In-depth study of the Golden Section – Divine Proportion – in the mosaic of the Madonna of Lourdes, made in the Sanctuary of Davoli

Agrigento | Curia Vescovile, realization of a sculpture in real size of the man of the Shroud, a work very faithful to the cloth “Sacra Sindone” of Turin.

Milan | Collaboration with the Maison “Dolce e Gabbana” | realization of mosaics for the 2013 spring summer collection

Canicatt√¨ | Legality monoliths | Monument on legality in memory of the Judges “Saetta e Livatino”.

Milan | “Sacred Heart” | creation and realization of an important mosaic work for the Sant’Ambrogio church complex, in the chapel of the Catholic University of Milan

Palermo | The ways of legality | Winter garden of the Villa Filangeri, Santa Flavia on this occasion the artist received an important recognition, a congratulatory letter, from the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano

Piazza Armerina | 1st International Visual Art Suite d’Autore Film Festival | at the Art Design Gallery Hotel in Piazza Cattedrale.

Abano Terme | XX.9.12 Vinyl Archive | collective edited by Adolfina De Stefani

Alessandria , Palazzo Cuttica | XIV Poetry Biennial “Landscapes of the author” | collective

Bologna , World Day against Violence to Women | “Spazi Di Colloquio” | collective

Turin , Palazzo Atena | “The Churches” | collective

Milan | “Artists for Pasolini” | collective

Genoa , Palazzo Ducale | “The Ligurian colors” | collective curated by Gianluigi Scafati

Imola , Church of Saints Niccol√≤ and Domenico | “Sacred Art” | collective curated by Rosario Cavalli and E.Giovini

Pietra Santa , Sala del Carmine | “Art in progress” | collective

Bari | EXPO Contemporary art | collective

Canicatt√¨ , Conference Room | “Down with the war” | performance.

Brussels , European Parliament | “European flag” | review

Genoa , | “The visual forest” | exhibition by Aldo Bonino

Genoa, Palazzo Ducale | “Silence is a wing of the Word” | collective

Varese , institution of the Flag for Art | “In the form of a framework” | international review

Livorno | “Arte rapita” | collective

Alessandria | Biennale of Painting “Realt√† e Dubbio” | collective curated by E. Mancusi

Bari | “Handmade painting” | collective curated by Giorgio Lauzzi

Venice , Palace of Prisons | Art Vernissage | interviewed for the occasion by Ferruccio Gad (Rai three)

Castel S Pietro Terme | “Don’t Forget | presents the collective in the event of “Il giorno della memoria”

Bologna | Arte Fiera | collective

Milan , Palazzo delle Stelline | “Author Paintings” | collective.

Rome , Antico Palazzo della Pretura | “Fractal areas” | collective.

Venice , Palazzo Ducale | Venice Biennale Extra Section 50 | collective

Ravenna, Bagnacavallo | Le Sisters Museum | collective

Castel S. Pietro Terme | “The silhouette” | Sculpture positioned as a public work in the space in front of the Pizzigotti school buildings

Paris , Center National de la Recherche | “Idiom between verb and figure” | review

Milan | “Vitrum” | fair

Caltanissetta | “Words in vision” | collective curated by Franco Spena.

New York | Buffalo Science Museum | collective

Italy | Traveling collective | realization of a traveling collective between Agrigento, Palermo, Rome and Bologna. on the occasion of the Italian cycling tour. The works were purchased by the Regional Province of Agrigento.

Milan | “Macef” | fair

Tokyo | “Daigaj Art” | with the help of the Japanese Cultural Association “Jcjban”. President: Nobie Seino. The purpose of the association is to promote Japanese culture in Europe and in
particularly in Italy.

Bologna | Fair art | fair

Palermo | Mediterranean Fair | fair

Cefal√Ļ | “A kilometer of canvas to paint” | international impromptu painting, promoted by Antonio Presti the photo of the painting and present in the “special 7” insert of corriere della sera Taormina | Kivanis Award | 3rd classified sculpture section.

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